Tips for New Dancers

  • Listen to the caller. This is one of the most important things to learn about square dancing. It’s okay if you miss a call, but don’t talk about it if you do. Instead, listen for the next call, and try to catch up. Talking while dancing is generally a bad idea because it distracts both you and other dancers, and will cause the square to break down.

  • Always let the caller explain the call. It’s hard to listen when there are two instructors.

  • If you are having trouble with a call in a class or workshop, ask your caller or an experienced angel to run through it with you between tips.

  • The default hand-holding position is right hand palm up, left hand palm down. This way everyone always interlocks. Redwood Rainbows generally dances in a relaxed hands-down, rather than a hands-up fashion.

  • Be gentle with other dancers. Use a light handhold (most experienced dances will touch, but not grasp, other dancers’ hands). Never push or drag a person into position.

  • Energetic dancing is fun, but make sure you understand the limitations of everyone in your square, and even neighboring squares (you don’t want your exuberance to injure an elderly or less-able dancer).

  • It’s a club policy: drinking alcohol and dancing don't mix. Even that one glass of wine can impair your learning and dancing ability, causing you to lose concentration and break down your square.